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Questions, comments, and suggestions welcome! We’d love to hear your thoughts about our product.

Charleston Beverage Company, LLC

Office: (866) 810-4915
Fax: (843) 628-3564
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Charleston Beverage Company, LLC
PO Box 13360
Charleston, South Carolina 29422

    Frequently Asked Questions

    YES! It took a little bit of googling, but we’ve got a good handle on what being “gluten free” means. Gluten free is a product that contains no Gluten, a protein composite found in wheat and grains (thank you wikipedia). For people with celiacs disease (and those with hypochondria), gluten free products are a must. So there you go, Charleston Mix – all natural AND gluten free. What more could you ask for?

    Each bottle has an expiration date handily printed for your convenience. Typically we suggest consuming the goodness that is Charleston Mix within 6-8 months of purchase.

    Charleston Mix should be enjoyed within 4 weeks of opening as long as it is refrigerated. Although we’re not sure how an open bottle would last that long.

    We have just released our awesome new mix, Fresh & Veggie! This new mix is toned down a bit on the heat and has a carrot base instead of beef base. It is available online or anywhere Charleston Mix is sold!

    We offer super convenient online shopping. If you live in NC, SC, TN, GA, AL, or ID (or a few select locations in VA or MO), you can purchase Charleston Mix at local retailers. Check out our Find the Mix page for a location near you!
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