Tales From The Road

On any given weekend Charleston Beverage Company, and Charleston Mix has about 20 of our Brand Ambassadors out in the market sampling the mix.  They’re in cities from Atlanta to Charlotte, doling out the good stuff hoping to win some converts and say hello to our fans.  99.9% of the time most events go off without a hitch, but every now and then things get a little interesting.

Sampling out Charleston Mix on the Road

One of our brand ambassadors sampling out Charleston Mix

Recently, at a grocery store sampling in Greenville one of our reps had a bit of a rough day.  From her account of how things transpired:  “I was set up in the Wine aisle. A kid ran a cart into my table while setting up and busted my sample bottle. Ruined my packet. They moved me to the front of the store. Thankfully I had a second bottle in my car. Had a manager sign a sheet of paper to show I was there since my packet was ruined. I had no ‘Get in the Know’ sheet to display. My recipe cards were also ruined. A store employee made copies of one that was salvageable and I displayed those. A customer spit her bloody mary sample into my ice bucket which ruined my ice. Thankfully it was close to clean up time. It was a rough shift….”

We’ll be adding some new markets to our sampling schedules.  Over the next few months you’ll start seeing Charleston Mix brand ambassadors in Raleigh, Birmingham, Mobile, Knoxville and Nashville.  Soon after that we’ll be adding 6 new markets, but those are still under wraps until our big announcement a few weeks from now.

So if you see a Charleston Mix sampling out in your market – be sure to stop by and say hello.  We always enjoy seeing a smiling face just as much as you do.